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Knee pain can be difficult, and for many Americans, it’s even disabling. At Dynamic Injury Solutions LLC in Upper Darby, Norristown, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the experienced team of pain specialists uses a combination of cutting-edge medicine and alternative methods to help you get back to a life free of knee pain. Call the office nearest you or book your appointment online now.

Knee Pain Q & A

When should I see a doctor for knee pain?

Many men and women try to live with knee pain, but there’s really no reason to do so. If you have persistent knee pain, don’t have full range of motion, experience serious physical changes in your knee, or can’t bear weight on your knee comfortably, it’s time to get help. 

It’s important to remember that knee pain isn’t normal. It’s not part of aging, and you don’t have to live with knee pain as you recover from an injury, either. The providers at Dynamic Injury Solutions LLC can diagnose your knee pain and eliminate your discomfort, allowing you to heal efficiently and effectively. 

What causes knee pain?

There are a number of reasons for knee pain, including:


Knee injury can occur in any of the ligaments, bones, tendons, cartilage, or other tissues that make up your knees. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, fractures, and meniscus tears are some common knee injuries. 


Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, is the most common cause of knee pain. It causes cartilage breakdown that leads to painful bone-on-bone contact in your knee joint. You can also develop other types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, and gout in your knee joint. 

Mechanical issues

Mechanical issues change the way your knee moves, which leads to pain. Some common examples of mechanical issues include knee dislocation, bone spurs, and loose cartilage.

Knee pain can happen suddenly, as with a fall or sports injury, or can take years to develop, as with most types of arthritis. 

How is knee pain treated?

Dynamic Injury Solutions LLC uses a gentle, progressive approach. The team focuses on reducing knee pain while improving function. Your care includes scientifically based therapies along with acupuncture and chiropractic care. Treatment can include:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy may include hands-on manual manipulation, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, iontophoresis patches, active assisted range-of-motion techniques, and many other approaches.


Chiropractic care can include chiropractic manipulation, joint strapping, Kinesio taping, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, cold laser therapy, and more. 


Acupuncture techniques include thin needling, metal beads, electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and other methods. 

With this special combination of approaches, along with bracing or other assistive devices where needed, you can improve knee function and overcome pain. This natural approach can help you avoid habit-forming drugs and intrusive surgeries. 

Get knee pain help the gentle way by calling Dynamic Injury Solutions LLC or booking an assessment online now.